When we talk about education,we often concentrate on the intellectual formation or maybe on the development of skills.However,we often forget one of the most important component of education which is education of the heart.
Educating the hearts means to educate in love and for love,it also means focusing on the qualities that makes us human.
It means the emotions of the young ones should matter to us than their knowledge of geography or mathematics because it’s the qualities that serve as a driving force to their personal development and lead them to happiness.

Which is why I, with the support of my organization @baipcontest choose to reach out to the handicapped (special children) letting them know their physical disabilities do not define them but it is their courage,determination,love,compassion and will power that truly defines them.
Letting them know that they can participate fully and actively in life regardless of their physical limitations.

Just like every other children they deserve a happy life and if you feel some kind of empathy towards these special children you can join hands with me on this,and yes you do not need a crown to reach out to humanity
Together we will make the world a better place 💙

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